Malaysia and Singapore No.1 Cockfight Gambling
[ 28-12-2020 ]

Malaysia and Singapore No.1 Cockfight Gambling

A cockfight is a fight between two cocks, both cocks will be place in a arenas ring and fight until the one side lose. The history of cockfighting games can be traced back to 6000 years ago. Fighting chickens until one of them is dead or seriously injured.

Live cockfight is all the way from the Christian northern Philippines. The country has hosted several World Slasher Cup. Players can view and place bets up to 4 Arena at the same time. 2 cocks fight using a steel weapon of distinct curving shape and with a single cutting edge, and also they will fight within 10 minutes. Now available in the best Singapore and Malaysia online casino.

The betting method of the cockfighting game is so simple and clear. There are a total of four option to bet on, Dragon, Phoenix, or Draw (Both cocks die during the fight), There's another scenario which is FTD (Full time draw), The fight will end in 10 minutes, if both cocks stay alive, a Full Time Draw will be announced, Bets on Dragon, Phoenix, or Draw will be result with losing.

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